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6 Crucial Elements of a Successful Website

6 Crucial Elements of a Successful Website in Kenya

The promise

If all you do is sell, sell, sell, your audience is unlikely to buy from you.

Make an impression on your audience by delivering a free offer that provides them with an immediate and easy-to-acquire value from the outset.

You may attempt a checklist or a comprehensive guide on a topic that is important to them. (How do you know what matters to them? What is their most serious issue? That's your response!)

Place this value proposition prominently on your home page and in a few other locations around your site where it makes sense. This is also an excellent method for expanding your email list!

The promise headline's objective is to demonstrate to

the visitor that you understand the difficulties they are facing. You must create a promise to them that will fix their problems

Gripping call-to-actions

It is pointless to have a website if you do not urge people to take action.
That is the entire goal of a website: to give your audience an easy way to take advantage of what you have to offer!

A call to action(CTA), may be anything from a button to hyperlinked text or a distinct section that physically attracts your audience's attention to something vital.

CTAs are an important component of social media posts, every website, the marketing document, or promotional sign. They remind your audience of the potential that is available to them.

Educational Content

Similar to giving a value offering, instructional material such as blog articles or courses allows you to contribute something to your audience in order to build their trust – and, eventually, their readiness to spend.

Education is a critical component of any type of marketing material. In addition to giving value to your audience, it builds your expertise in the sector and keeps your company at the forefront of their minds the next time they need help.

Educational material also keeps your audience returning to your website or social media sites, allowing you as an entrepreneur to gain more out of your content and finally warm up your leads enough for them to take action and invest in your expertise.

Social Evidence/Trust Elements

The concept of social proof is the belief that your community can convince individuals to take action.
Integrating social media into your website is one of the finest methods to show off the actual people behind the company. You may add social media feeds to your homepage or just connect to your social media channels in your header and footer with a button. Including humorous, relatable language and everyday photographs from social media helps to reinforce your brand's identity and credibility.

We also advocate showing powerful and favorable customer reviews on your homepage or product/service pages to acquire the confidence of first-time visitors right away.

A simple method of contact

There's a very clear dispute regarding whether you should provide your contact information on your contact page or simply give a form for people to fill out and submit.

Unfortunately, we don't have a definitive answer for you on which one is superior. Because, in all honesty, they both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Making it difficult for your audience to reach you, on the other hand, is counterproductive. We as humans like to exert as little effort as possible, especially when it comes to things that make us uncomfortable, such as investing a large sum of money in something you know you've been putting off for far too long.

To make it as easy for your audience to contact you as possible, post clear contact information across your website.
We don't advocate strewing your phone number or email address all over your website, but it doesn't harm to put this information in your website's footer, in addition to your contact page, if you want to give your audience with a way to reach you directly.

We advocate putting a contact CTA button on practically every page of your website, in addition to making critical information easily available. As a result, if someone is exploring your services and thinks they're ready to make a move, they won't have to look for a means to contact you. It's simple! It's fast!

Core services

Create boxes that highlight your main items or services and include roughly 100 words of information in each. By displaying them on your homepage with descruptive material you will gain additional SEO value

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