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A brochure is beyond a piece of paper; it is a vital document that describes your company's profile and accomplishments.Brochures are a great method to communicate your company's distinctive brand to current and new clients by using eye-catching photographs and relevant information. A brochure is a powerful online promotional tool that has a lot of value in terms of impressing your audience, therefore it's worth investing in a competent graphic design firm to achieve that great-looking design. Brochure design is an art form that must be executed with care In order to reach the desired effect.

Bifold Brochure design and cost in kenya

What makes it a Brochure and not a Flyer

  • In most cases, brochures are printed on both sides.

  • Brochures, unlike flyers, always have folds.

  • Despite the fact that both brochures and booklets include many pages, the former's sheets are not bound - a brochure is not a booklet, which, like some brochures, has multiple sheets but is always bound.

  • They can be made from a single sheet or multiple sheets, and they come in a variety of folds.

  • Brochures are meant to be referred to and handled over and over again, so they should be printed on more long-lasting paper or cardstock and coated to help repel moisture and fade.

  • Brochure distribution is typically more prejudiced than flyer distribution due to the higher cost of printing brochures.

Trifold brochure

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Example applications

  • As a customer and employee reference materials
  • Other promotional materials should be used as a follow-up to help close a sale.

Bifold Brochure Design in kenya

Further reading: What is a flyer/leaflet, what makes it a flyer and not a brochure, and flyer applications

Fold Styles

The multiple folding choices are a distinctive feature of brochures that you should take use of. Each fold is best suited to a specific type of information.

Fold options

Further reading: What is a flyer/leaflet, what makes it a flyer and not a brochure and flyer applications

Your product and service information is presented in a different way each time you use it. As a result, choosing the proper style of brochure fold might be difficult, especially if you want to deliver your message as effectively as possible.

 Fold Style When to use Standard Size (Inches) 
 Bi-Fold  This fold is ideal for presenting a simple product with only one or two features.  8.5” x 11”
 Tri-Fold  The trifold is the most frequent fold and is ideal for a variety of uses. It achieves the ideal blend of design and content.  8.5” x 11”
 Z-Fold  The Z-fold is very useful for presenting products in general.  8.5” x 11”
 Gate-Fold  With single product presentations or graphic-heavy designs, the gate fold is a terrific option.  8.5” x 11”
 French-Fold  The French fold works well with graphic-heavy designs, maps, and invites to sales and events.  8.5” x 14”
 Accordion-Fold  If you want to give your customers a step-by-step guide, this is the fold to use  8.5” x 14”
 Double Parallel Fold  This fold is ideal for clients to utilize as a reference resource for your services or products.  8.5” x 14”
 Map-Fold  The parallel map fold is perfect for content with a plethora of information, particularly if you want to cover a lot of different items and services.  8.5” x 14”


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