Client Management Information System - CRM

Client Management Information System - CRM

What is a CRM Software Solution?

CRM systems help businesses manage their customer and business connections by allowing them to collect current and historical data, automate normal business activities, and maintain timely contact with new and existing clients.

A robust, small business–oriented CRM solution can handle all of this on a single platform, keeping your company connected from beginning to finish with minimal IT involvement and putting you on the road to major expansion. As a result, everyone is on the same page when it comes to getting to know the consumer.

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Everything you need to keep track of your customers, prospects, and sales.

With our CRM software, you can get closer to your customers. How? By overseeing all areas of the connection, to be precise. This includes initial contact, follow-up enquiries, lead nurturing, conversion, renewal, and long-term connection.

Analysis and Reporting - Generate reports on the fly, analyze results and make improvements.
Better Customer Support - Increase customer satisfaction through real-time responsiveness.
Sales Automation - Automate routine sales processes to increase productivity.
Marketing Management - Track and monitor your marketing campaigns to get better results.

Features / Benefits

  • Easily manage your client database
  • Link Jobs to Customers and Websites
  • Record client website details
  • Generate PDF invoices, email invoice to customer straight from system
  • Track your income and expenses
  • File upload for Customers and staff.
  • Receive payments on invoices via secure PayPal
  • Manage members from your group or club
  • Dashboard overview showing your TODO items
  • Mobile friendly system
  • Host this system on your own internal server or public website hosting account.
  • Customer signup on your website
  • Customers can sign up using a form on your website
  • You can email a Job to a Customer from within the CRM
  • Support for multiples currencies & tax rates
  • More features on request
  • Add custom fields to forms through out the system.
  • Restrict users/clients to particular features
  • Track Jobs and Invoices that repeat
  • Client login to view information and perform restricted actions
  • Quick Pin/Bookmark of a particular job on the main menu
  • Knowledge Base / FAQ before a client submits a support ticket.
  • Add new Tasks to Jobs. Assign individual Tasks to staff members.
  • Send bulk email newsletters to groups within your system
  • Fully functional email support tickets
  • Convert invoices into PDF documents and print them
  • Renew invoices automatically
  • Collect deposits before commencing work on a particular Job
  • Calender system for organising your business
  • Automatic Overdue Emails
  • Import and Export information from the system in CSV format for MS Excel.

All You Ever Will Ever Need In a CRM

Marketing. Sales. Analytics. Customer Service. At Your Finger Tips.

With our CRM, you can keep your conversations going.
Wherever - Whenever - Whatever the case may be

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