Clinic / Pharmacy Management Information System

Clinic / Pharmacy Management System


This is a web-based Management system solution that is set to help clinics to streamline there Pharmacy/Stock management efficiently resulting in Higher efficiency and quick patient turnaround time.

  • Patient Registration.
  • Patient EMR
  • Patient History Management
  • Patient Report Generation / Export to CSV/PDF Ect. 5.Patient Billing History.
  • Patient Due Management
  • Patient Pathology Payments
  • Patient Pharmacy Management
  • Stock Management
  • Stock Addition / New Stock analysis
  • Medicine Audit
  • Pharmacy Stock usage Analysis
  • Additional Features/Functionalities on request. Express interest below
  • Pharmacy Patient Distribution Analysis
  • Pathology Due Management
  • Pathology Agents Mangement
  • Pathology Share Calculation
  • Expense Management.
  • Refund Management
  • Clinic Analysis
  • Revisit Patient Management
  • Overview Patient Department.
  • Search Patient By date.
  • View Under Stock Medicines
  • Pharmacy Bill Management
  • Lab Tests Expenses Management

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