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A standard company website only provides information about your company, whereas an E-commerce site incorporates a database of products, customers, orders, and other features.

Ecommerce has become a necessity for every company that wishes to flourish in today's competitive climate. Businesses are increasingly making transactions online rather than in physical locations. Card payment processing, online shopping carts, and personalization of shopping experiences all improve your customers' purchasing experiences. The capacity to offer your products and services on a worldwide scale boosts your chances of success.

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eCommerce vs a standard company website. What sets them apart?

A conventional company website merely gives information about your firm, however, an eCommerce site includes a database of items, customers, and orders, as well as additional capabilities such as product details, item search, order fulfillment, and payment gateways/options, and much more.

The ability to incorporate fancy multimedia and professional design are essential features for attracting and keeping clients to your website. Ecommerce sites, as opposed to brick and mortar buildings, do not require physical retail stores, the hiring of people to manage the store or the worry of property maintenance.

Galactik IT develops eCommerce websites to ensure your company's success:

Galactik IT creates Ecommerce stores that offer your customers a one-of-a-kind and pleasurable shopping experience. Galactik IT understands the importance of appealing design as well as a user-friendly and effective website.

SEO for eCommerce:

It is not enough to have a professional, fully-featured eCommerce site. You must be able to market the site, entice new visitors, and expand your customer base.

To generate revenue, your website must be search engine optimized, integrated with affiliate marketing programs, and provide shopping product feeds to Google, Yahoo and others.

Our eCommerce systems normally come linked with Google Analytics by default, which provides vital information about your items, keywords, traffic, shopping cart abandonment, conversions, and much more.


Important eCommerce suggestions

There are a few things you should be aware of if you currently have an eCommerce website or are contemplating hiring Galactik IT to design one for you. Here are five important eCommerce web design principles to keep in mind:

Tip #1: Give the user control over his or her shopping experience.

Tip #1: Give the user control over his or her shopping experience.

Make certain that your website is designed with the necessary tools to allow customers to customize how they browse through your website. There are no two visitors who are the same; each person is unique. As a result, the shopping experience of a user should never be one-size-fits-all.

If you own an online bookstore, for example, you should design your website so that customers can easily browse book categories. They should be able to sort products according to the author and title. This will enhance your customer's experience and raise the probability that he or she will make a purchase.

Tip #2: Make the checkout process as simple as possible.

Tip #2: Make the checkout process as simple as possible.

Avoid attempting to upsell your customer as they near the checkout. This is a significant distraction. When a buyer is determined to make a purchase, distraction should never be part of the offer; otherwise, this could raise the chances of checkout abandonment. 

Everything should be smooth from the moment a visitor gets to your website to the minute they checkout. The intention is to make the checkout process like stealing candy from a baby - simple for your customers. The probability of people returning to your website is increased If you make the shopping process easy, 


Tip #3: Provide a Product Preview

Tip #3: Provide a Product Preview  

Website visitors expect a particular degree of service when they visit your store.

Many people prefer to preview products before making a final purchasing decision.

You might want to give people a quick preview of your product.

If you want to grab someone's attention, provide previews ranging from a bigger image to a more "complicated" view that loads product data.

 Tip #4: Keep Your Web Content Up to Date

Tip #4: Keep Your Web Content Up to Date  

Many Ecommerce website owners neglect their web content on a regular basis.

It is critical that you provide new content to your viewers.

Additionally, make it a policy to have nicely written product descriptions. Include a keyword in every one of your product descriptions.

Tip #5: Use High-Quality Images

Tip #5: Use High-Quality Images  

It's paramount to add high-quality images for listed products in your store if you want to attract & compel visitors. 

Remember that your product photos carry a big influence when it comes to finalizing a purchase.

The process

Domain and Hosting setup -> Design & Development -> Upload -> Maintenance ( Done by Galactik IT )

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