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Flyers exist to perform a specific function, and they must be focused on an effective call to action that compels a reader to feel the need to take the action. 

The ultimate goal of a flyer, leaflet, or handout is to compel the reader to do something specific – not like the images or design.

Flyers are direct advertising; they are used to communicate a message, and the material on them must pique the reader's interest. They are frequently distributed on the streets in congested locations or delivered through doors. This is another factor to consider, and it is dependent on the content of the leaflet.

To get what you desire, the content of a flyer must follow this sequence. Make a bold statement and tell people exactly what they need to do. The key to delivering knowledge in small, concentrated chunks is to do it in small, focused chunks. People will avoid reading large blocks of text, and they will end up in the garbage. 

Remember the classic AIDA acronym while crafting the copy:

– Focus – Interest – Desire – Action

What makes it a flyer and not a brochure

  • Single-sheet, unfolded flyers are the most common.
  • One or both sides can be printed.
  • Aside from their broad range of applications, they are ideally suited for conveying short, straightforward messages.
  • They're usually handed out, although they can also be mailed.
  • Flyers have a shorter lifespan than most print media given their typical usage.
  • Flyers are typically produced on standard 8.5′′x 11′′ or A4 paper, although they can be any size as long as they're manageable.
  • When utilized in short-term promotions, flyers are often disseminated more freely.
  • Flyers meant to be used as reference materials are usually printed on heavier paper or cardstock.
  • Flyers are also known as leaflets, handbills, and circulars.

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Example applications

  • Notices of upcoming events - as soft copies as well on social media as posts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc)

  • As handouts and inserts in newspapers and magazines

  • As part of a promotional campaign, as information sheets

  • Openings for new establishments such as clubs, bars, and restaurants are advertised.

  • At trade exhibitions or conferences, fact sheets are distributed.

  • Other localized adverts in general

Further reading: What is a brochure design in Kenya? What makes it a brochure and not a flyer/leaflet and brochure application.

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