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All of our logo designs are delivered in high-resolution industry-standard formats (AI, EPS, PNG, JPG, PDF), ensuring that your business is properly represented in print and on the web.

To support your marketing activities, we also provide premium branding packages that include letterheads, business cards, flyers, brochures, and social media kits among other forms of communication design.

Below we explore different types of logos.

Logo Types Design in Nairobi, Kenya.

Professional and Quality logo design in Nairobi, Kenya.


Lettermarks or monogram

Lettermarks, often known as monogram logos, are logos made from letters, typically brand initials.

Consider employing a letter mark logo if your firm has a long name.

Condensing your firm's name into initials can help to simplify your design and will help clients recall your brand and logo more readily.

Monogram logo types


 A wordmark logotype is a font-based logo - Similar to a lettermark -  that concentrates entirely on a company's name - it depicts the company's name in a distinctive way.

This type of logo is a good choice if your brand has a unique and memorable name that customers can easily recall.

Using a well-designed typeface for your name will make your brand noticeable even more.

.Word marks Logo types

Pictorial marks/logo symbols

Brandmarks or logo symbols are other terms for pictorial marks.

They are symbols that reflect the brand name, such as an icon or a graphic-based logo.

When consumers can associate the visual symbol with the company, the logo's reach is known.

It's generally the first thing that springs to mind when you hear the word "logo." A true brand mark is nothing more than an image.

As a result, it can be a difficult logotype to use for new businesses or those without strong brand equity.

If your business model is likely to alter in the future, a pictorial mark may not be the ideal option.

You may begin by selling shoes and incorporate a shoe into your design, but what happens when you expand to include kitchenware, fridges, or even produce?Pictorial marks

Abstract logo marks

A pictorial logo is a kind of an abstract mark.

It is an abstract geometric shape that reflects your brand rather than a familiar picture such as a wheelbarrow or a handshake.

Abstract markings, like other logo symbols, perform very effectively since they reduce your business into a single picture.

Rather than being restricted to a recognized picture, abstract logos allow you to design something really unique to reflect your brand.

You may use abstract markings to create a completely distinct look for your organization.

Abstract Logo types


Mascot logos include a cartoon (graphically drawn) figure.

Mascot logos are a good way to build your own brand representative. It's frequently bright, occasionally cartoonish, and always entertaining.

Consider creating a mascot if you want to appeal to tiny children or families.

The major benefit of a mascot is that it may encourage customer engagement, making it an ideal tool for both social media and in-person marketing.

Mascots Logo types

The combination mark

A combination mark is brought to life by bringing together a wordmark or lettermark with a pictorial mark, abstract mark, or mascot.

The wordings and the image can be layered together on top of each other, placed side by side, or blended to form an image.

This type of logo is a fantastic choice because the emblem and text or mascot can work together to build your brand.

It becomes easy for people to instantly identify your name with your mascot or pictorial logo if you use a combo mark! you may be able to rely solely on a logo symbol later in the future rather than submitting your name each time.

The emblem

Emblem logos typically comprise text inside a symbol or image. They are comparable to seals and badges.

Emblem logo designs are widely used by universities, institutes, and government entities. Because the logo design must adhere to rigorous guidelines, it must also be simple.

Incorporating elaborate emblem logos into a variety of marketing products might be difficult. A busy insignia on a business card may be simplified to the point of being unreadable.

Also, if you want to embroider this sort of symbol on caps or shirts, keep it simple.

Emblem Logo types



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Usually 2 to 10 days. Response time and any further design modifications also affect timeframes.

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