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You're not just buying a logo when you work with Galactik IT Solutions; you're investing in a creative process.

AI toolsYour logo design is the first impression a potential customer will have of your firm. You only have one shot at nailing this key moment. Working with you to understand your company's essential beliefs and communicating them through symbols, colors, and type that best represent your brand, we develop striking and professional branding.

All of our logo designs are delivered in high-resolution industry standard formats (AI,EPS,PNG,JPG,PDF), ensuring that your business is properly represented in print and on the web. To supplement your marketing efforts, we also provide premium branding packages that include business cards, letterheads, brochures, flyers and social media kits among other forms of graphics creations.

Below we explore different types of logos.

Lettermarks or monogram

Lettermarks or monogram logos are logos created of letters, usually brand initials.

If your company has a long name, think using a lettermark logo. Condensing your company's name into initials will aid simplify your design, and clients will remember your company and logo more easily.Monogram logo types


A wordmark or logotype, like a lettermark, is a font-based logo that concentrates solely on a company's name - it portrays the company's name in unique style.

If you have a distinguishing business name that clients will remember, a wordmark logo is a smart choice. Having your name in a well-designed font will help your brand stand out even more.Word marks Logo types

Pictorial marks/logo symbols

Brandmarks or logo symbols are other terms for pictorial marks. They are symbols that reflect the brand name, such as an icon or a graphic-based logo. When consumers can associate the visual symbol with the company, the logo's reach is known. It's generally the first thing that springs to mind when you hear the word "logo." A true brand mark is nothing more than an image. As a result, it can be a difficult logo type to use for new businesses or those without strong brand equity.

If your business model is likely to alter in the future, a pictorial mark may not be the ideal option. You may begin by selling shoes and incorporate a shoe into your design, but what happens when you expand to include fridges, kitchen ware, or even produce?Pictorial marks

Abstract logo marks

An abstract mark is a subtype of a pictorial logo. Instead of a recognizable image, such as a wheelbarrow or a handshake, it is an abstract geometric form that represents your company. Abstract marks, like all logo symbols, work extremely well because they condense your brand into a single image. However, rather than being limited to a recognizable image, abstract logos allow you to create something truly unique to represent your brand.

Abstract marks allow you to create a wholly unique image for your companyAbstract Logo types


Mascot logos are those that feature a cartoon (graphically illustrated) character. The mascot logo is a terrific method to establish your own brand spokesman. It's often colorful, sometimes cartoonish, and always fun.

If you want to appeal to small children or families, consider developing a mascot. A mascot's main advantage is that it may inspire client contact, making it an excellent tool for both social media and in-person marketing.Mascots Logo types

The combination mark

A logo consisting of a combined wordmark or lettermark with a graphical mark, abstract mark, or mascot is known as a combination mark. The image and text can be placed side by side, layered on top of each other, or combined to form an image. 

The emblem

Badges, seals, and crests are examples of emblem logos, which consist of typography inside a symbol or image. Seals and badges are similar to them. Universities, institutions, and government agencies frequently use emblem logo designs. Because the logo design is extremely strict, it should also be straightforward. It can be challenging to incorporate intricate emblem logos into numerous marketing materials. A busy emblem on a business card may be reduced to the point where it is impossible to read. Also, if you want to embroider this type of emblem on hats or shirts, you'll need to keep it basic.
Emblem Logo types


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