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A product label may assist a company in developing a strong brand identity. However, the label should be clear and stylish. Make use of white space to reduce eye strain and to give the design a distinct and distinctive appearance.

Launching a new product and are you attempting to create your own Nairobi product packaging label design but your drafts are falling short? You may be sifting through Nairobi packaging design firms, but finding the ideal match can be challenging.


At Galactik IT, we understand how critical it is to find the ideal solution for your packaging design services in Nairobi Kenya — after all, the label or packaging is the "face" of your product, but product packaging design in Nairobi Kenya is only one component of your go-to-market strategy.

Whether you are a small business just getting started or a larger corporation looking for a new spin on an old product, it is time to enlist Galactik IT to help support your marketing initiatives.


Things to consider


Depending on the audience, the color scheme can draw the eye and set a tone for buying or cause the customer to pass over your product in favor of another. Take your time and clearly define your target audience, as well as the colors that will appeal to that extract of the market. Consider the link between color and emotions, as well as the feelings you wish to provoke in your clients.

Background image

A background picture, like color, has a significant impact on a buyer's purchasing power. It's critical to remember who you're Targeting. A female in her twenties will not be drawn to the same visuals as one in her later ages. Consult with a graphic/communication designer to select pictures that will both appeal to your target demographic and correctly reflect your business.


Unless the price difference is significant, customers will frequently choose a product packaging constructed of high-quality materials over a cheaper one. Period. Obviously, the cost of materials and packaging must be balanced against profit, but don't be too obsessed with profit that you lose product quality.


Font, like the other design aspects of color and graphics, influences buyers during the purchase process. The most successful businesses have developed best practices for developing a typeface that will affect consumer behavior.

Wrapper Design

It is not just the label, but also the entire box design. Should your consumers be able to view the product through the container, or should the label entirely conceal it? 


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