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Responsive Web Design

Responsive design in Kenya is simply a design strategy that allows a website or web application's user interface to vary or adjust to the user's device screen size.

Adaptable design enhances a user's surfing experience by providing an adaptive and flexible web page that is optimized for the device's screen being used to view it.

This approach has gained a tremendous & solid adoption in the design sector for some years, and we're proud to say that GalactiK IT was one of the early entities that jumped on of this technique, giving responsive solutions to our esteemed partners.

So, why is this design approach the perfect answer for your brand? Let's explore the main reasons below;

The user experience

The adaptability and capacity of a flexible website to adjust its layout according to the end user's device screen will provide your website an advantage in terms of offering the best possible user experience to your visitors.


Prior to the development of adaptable designs, it was highly customary to construct various versions of a website to fit each and every particular device or to simply create mobile sites for the most often used devices.

However, by developing a responsive website, you will only need one website, one source code version, and one content management system.

As a consequence, responsive web design saves you time and money.

Search engine optimization friendly

Responsive web design is essential for optimizing your website for all major search engines by providing a single website that adjusts/adapts to numerous devices.

Instead of creating links or optimizing content for various websites, you will only need to advertise one responsive website.

Furthermore, the URL structure will stay consistent across all platforms, giving you an advantage in terms of search engine exposure and results.

Increased Conversions & Sales

When someone visits your website and has an issue on their smart device, it is quite probable that they will leave your site, perhaps costing you business.

However, if potential buyers can easily visit your website from their mobile, they will.

Maintain a Competitive Advantage

According to recent statistics, fewer than 30% of websites are now configured to take full and effective advantage of mobile web technologies and flexible web design. Your company has the potential to gain a major competitive advantage.

A good example of a responsive website in Kenya is this

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Responsive Website Design in Nairobi Kenya

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