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The best company profile design company in Nairobi, Kenya, Kampala, Uganda, Dar es Salaam, Kigali, Rwanda, Juba, South Sudan, and Mogadishu, Somalia is Galactik IT.

Company Profile Design

Make a Good First Impression with a Professional Company Profile.

At its simplest, a company profile functions as a professional introduction to your business. It conveys critical information about your business to stakeholders such as investors and future clients. It's your chance to shine.

A great company/Business profile must direct more focus on value proposition to target clientele and investors devoid of “me me me” in its payload. A Company profile must fit the sentence, "We help [x] do [y]."

You may showcase your company in the greatest light by using a creative approach that carefully crafts words, visuals, and concepts.

People need CV's to secure jobs. Companies need company profiles to find business.

To do business well, your company profile should be flawless, just like a strong CV would help you land a decent job.


You need a business card. Your Business needs a company profile.

What if you could give away more while distributing your business cards? a business profile that tells potential customers and business partners about your company.

Shoes are used to assess people. Company profiles and websites are used to evaluate companies.

Of course you want to make a nice first impression on your partners. Your profile must be smart, innovative, and professionally created in order to achieve this.


Typical company profile essentials

A breakdown of commonest items you can find on each of a profile pages

1. Cover page

This page usually includes the company's name, logo, a brief tagline or slogan, and possibly a striking image or graphic element.

2. About us

This section provides an overview of the company's history, mission, vision, and core values. It may also introduce key team members or executives.

3. Products/service

This page outlines the products or services the company offers. It can include descriptions, features, and benefits of each product or service.

4. Client Testimonials

If available, this page features quotes or testimonials from satisfied clients or customers.

5. Portfolio or Projects

For businesses that offer visual products or services, this page may showcase images or descriptions of past projects or work.

6. Team

This section introduces key team members, their roles, qualifications, and experience.

7. Contact Information

This page provides contact details, including the company's physical address, phone number, email address, and website.

8. Achievements and Awards

If applicable, this page highlights the company's achievements, awards, or recognition.

9. Client List

Some business profiles include a list of notable clients or customers the company has worked with.

10. Company Culture

This page can describe the company's culture, values, and commitment to social responsibility.

11. Financial Information

In some cases, businesses may include financial data or performance metrics.

12. Appendix

Additional information or details about specific products, services, or projects can be included in an appendix if needed.

Company profile design plans and pricing

Explore and Order any of these packages and get professional Company Profile Design Services in Kenya. Professional and timely delivery.

PRO | Unique design for most to all pages of the profile

STARTER | Similar design for all pages besides cover page i.e Same background layout, limited illustrations and shapes

Tens of 


This is just a fraction of the Business Profiles that have been curated for specific entities. But you can experience different Company profile designs in action.


What is required of me?
  1. High resolution Logo in PDF, PNG, SVG, EPS formats.
  2. Business details for invoicing.
  3. *Copiable text content in txt, docx or PDF.
  4. Images or guidelines on the same.
  5. Brand guidelines e.g Typography, colors, shapes, patterns etc.
  6. Other relevant instructions

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