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Has known dimensions? can be designed for!

Every business must have something to which consumers may relate. Every brand requires a market presence so that customers can relate to it. What elements of branding and brand identity does your brand/business have? If the answer isn't instant then, Galactik IT's Brand identity design services in Kenya is exactly what you're looking for.

Print Designs

Print Designs

We will uphold and develop professionalism for printed items such as packaging, labels, business cards, outdoor hoarding, cover designs, outdoor banners, brochures, and flyer designs.

Logo Designs

Logo Designs

After developing a brand's idea and strategy, it is critical, to create an identity that visually communicates it appropriately - a logo. A logo is much more than a company identifier. It is the official and the most memorable visual element of a brand that customers trust - anytime customers make a purchasing choice, your logo may help you stand out from the competition and drive them to make a choice in favor of your brand. We create  100% original designs from scratch, resulting in a distinctive masterpiece that boldly represents your brand.

Why choose GalactiK for your logo design

  • You get a unique logo that reflects your brand's identity, values, and distinctiveness.
  • Professional touch.
  • 24 x 7 support to assist your every query.
  • 100% unique/bespoke designs from scratch
  • Logos in high-resolution industry-standard formats PDF | JPG | PNG | AI | EPS
Types of logos: wordmarks, monogram, pictorial marks, abstract logo marks, mascots, the combination mark, and emblem marks
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Brand Identity Designs

Brand Identity Designs

We'll assist you in elevating your brand by improving the visual "message" expressed via design components like fonts, photography, layouts, and color palettes. We feel that this type of narrative should be more compelling and attractive, thus we pay close attention to detail in all of our efforts for this cause.

Promotional Designs

Promotional Designs

We can offer you new ways to market your company's services and goods. We can improve both advertising and instructive material so that viewers become social media followers and consumers on a constant basis. Posters on social media, for example.



Infographics remain one of the most impactful ways to communicate with your graphic design efforts. We can help your brand by combining the visual impact of maps, data presentations, and signs into a single yet compelling, precise, and clear graphic.

Label Designs

Label Designs

Great labels bring good business. We'll create labels that will help your business and products stand out. If you have a concept, we will match it with appealing visuals; if you don't, we will develop spectacular and high-quality labels from scratch, propelling your firm to quick prominence. Get a head start now.

Postcards, flyers, and logos Advertisements in magazines and newspapers, posters, banners, and billboards, infographics, and brochures (print and digital), Wraps for vehicles, Signage, as well as trade fair displays, Email marketing templates, email signatures, PowerPoint presentations, business profiles, product packaging, and so on. Menus, social media advertisements, banners and visuals Ads such as banners and retargeting, Images for websites and blogs, books, eBooks, newspapers, newsletters, directories, annual reports, magazines, catalogs, book covers, concept art, and other publications

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Your visual identity influences how consumers perceive your brand, sometimes, before they even engage with it.

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