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Letterhead Design and Cost in Nairobi, Kenya.

A well-designed letterhead may help you stand out in the marketplace by making the best first impression possible.

Among the first steps, a new company must do is to establish a respectable corporate letterhead.  The brand's contact information and logo should be included on the letterhead. Additional visuals are frequently used to create a more attractive letterhead layout.

Letterheads: What They're Worth

Brand Identity

A letterhead, whether electronic or paper, has a substantial influence on a company's brand recognition.

Everything a firm sends to its customers (letters, promotional packets, envelopes, and bills) must have the same look and feel. All business marketing materials must include the company's logo and address.

The aim is that the general public will be able to tell who is interacting with them just by looking at the business emblem on the letterhead.

Stationery is another way to imbue the public with the company's symbol or image.


Letterhead has always acted as a form of written communication, just as ancient civilizations wrote on parchment in ancient Rome, clay in historical Babylonia, papyrus in early Egypt, and finally paper in ancient China.

Visual Appeal

The primary goal of a letter is to deliver a message to the receiver.

A letterhead should provide adequate room to construct a letter; consequently, effort should be taken to ensure that the design is not congested and that the images are not too huge.

The idea to incorporate graphics for backgrounds behind the text on letterheads is a common practice by most businesses, which adds aesthetic attractiveness of course, but careful consideration should be observed to ensure this does not block the content or interfere with legibility.

With the inclusion of a company's logo and a specific color scheme (s), a letterhead should clearly carry out the company's/business's brand identity.


Letterheads are a clear display of a company's professionalism and trustworthiness to the recipients of its letters.

Making a letterhead demonstrates a dedication to brand identification. A professional letterhead makes a far better first impression on a potential customer.

When a more professionally created letterhead is used in conjunction with a high-quality paper the more seriously a potential customer will consider the company and be willing to give it a try.

Contact details

The company's contact information must be included on the letterhead.

The business name, address, phone number, e-mail address, and Web site address should be large enough for the client to read clearly on the stationery, but not so large that there is no place for a message.


Hundreds of 


This is just a fraction of the letterheads we have created. But you can experience different letterhead designs in action.


What do i get?
  • A4 Letterhead in 300dpi resolution PDF format  - print ready
  • Microsoft Word Template.
  • All JPEG or PNG web preview images.
  • Instructions file on template usage.
  • Lettehead in any other requested feasible format.

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