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A properly designed letterhead may help your brand stand out and provide the finest first impression possible. 
The term letterhead is claimed to have first appeared in America around 1890, when it was known as "letter paper." Letterheads got smaller and lighter in the early 1900s in order for the paper to fit inside typewriters.

An official company letterhead is one of the first things a new firm must develop for itself. The letterhead should include the company's logo and basic contact information. Extra graphics are sometimes used to make a more interesting letterhead arrangement.

Letterheads: What They're Worth

Corporate Branding

A company's brand identity is heavily influenced by letterhead stationery.

Everything a firm sends to its customers (letters, publicity packets, envelopes, and bills) must have the same look and feel. All business marketing materials must include the company's logo and address. 

The goal is for the public to be able to recognize who is sending them communication simply by looking at the company logo on the letterhead.

The letterhead is another approach to imbue the public with the company's emblem or image.


Letterhead has always served as a means of written communication, similar to how ancient civilizations wrote on parchment in ancient Rome, clay in historical Babylonia, papyrus in ancient Egypt, and eventually paper in ancient China.

Visual Appeal

The basic objective of a letterhead is to send a message to the recipient.

A letterhead's design should not be so busy, and the graphics should not be so large, that there isn't enough room to type a letter.

On their letterheads, the majority of businesses choose to include designs behind the text.This provides visual appeal to the page, but designers should make sure the background image is light enough to not interfere with the text's legibility.

With the usage of a logo and a certain color scheme, a letterhead should visibly continue to carry out the company's corporate identity (s).


Businesses design letterheads to show receivers of their letters that they are dealing with a professional and trustworthy corporation.

Creating a letterhead demonstrates a devotion to brand identity. When a potential customer receives a letter on professional letterhead, it creates a far more favorable image.

The higher the quality of the paper and the more professionally designed the letterhead, the more seriously a potential client would take the firm and be willing to give it a try.

Contact details

On the letterhead, the company's contact information must be mentioned.

On the stationery, the firm name, fax number, address,  e-mail address, phone number and Web site address should be large enough for the customer to see easily, but not so huge that there is no room for a message.


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