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What is Search Engine Optimization (enUS)/ Optimisation (enUK)?  - SEO services in Kenya

SEO in Kenya is the service of optimizing a website or web page with the objective of ranking higher in free SERPs(Search Engine Result Pages), sometimes called  "organic," "natural," or "earned" results.

How it works

Some of the purchase decisions made by consumers are based on trust. Google is creating trust algorithms in order to guide searches to the most trustworthy websites. Because Google's algorithm is continuously evolving, staying current is critical for success.

Great SEO is a long-term, continuing approach that might take time to provide results, particularly in competitive sectors.

Galactik IT SEO services in Kenya will assist you in ranking your site as high as possible, but page one rankings are just not achievable.

We conduct a site-wide analysis at the start of every project to determine its SEO strengths and weaknesses. The most common findings from this assessment fall into one of three scenarios.

1. Google recognizes the site but does not know where it is or its essence.

2. The site in issue contains a lot of SEO power, but it lacks a clear goal, therefore it has little to no relationship with anybody or anything.

3. The site contains no SEO juice, and as a result, Google and other search engines entirely disregard it.

Given the aforementioned circumstances, the majority are solvable but need various approaches. When ranking a certain page, Google and other search engines place a high value on more than 33 off-site and on-page variables, with some having a positive impact and others having a negative impact.

Our strategy is to consider and apply multiple approaches in order to exceed your immediate competition with the following elements:

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SEO Areas of focus

Areas of Focus
DOM size Cumulative Layout Shift Request chaining
First Contentful Paint CSS @import Rules Largest Contentful Paint
Javascript best practice Speed Network payloads
Time to Interactive layout shifts Page performance
Main-thread tasks Content Delivery Network (CDN) Page redirects
Cache policy Non-composited animations Frontend code execution time
CSS sprites Server response time offscreen images
Image sizing Image encoding Preconnection
Render-blocking resources Frontend resources minification Keep-Alive
Lazy load with facades Text compression Webfont load
Page content Page Linking Mobile compliance
Web Compliance Keywords Indexing
And more And more And mor

SEO Services in Nairobi Kenya

On-page (controlled by the site owner)

  • Content alternatives (quality text, powerful keywords, contextual word cloud)
  • HTML implementation that works (descriptions, proper use of titles, images, headers)
  • Design and creation (no duplicate content, crawlability, speed, mobile, URL structure)
  • Hyperlinks that point elsewhere (social media, 3rd party directories, review sites)

Off-site (influenced by the site owner)

  • Other Websites' Links (quantity, quality, anchor text, minimal use of paid & spam links)

  • Trust (domain authority of the site, length of domain registration, verifiable identity of the owner)

  • The social shares (authority of sharers, number of shares)

  • The user's qualities (repeat visits, location of the searcher, use by social media related friends) 



First, we collect and analyze data from Google about your website. We maintain the information up to current and double-check it across all of their services.

Once we get a grasp on this and Google begins to accurately identify where you are and what category you operate in, your website's performance will begin to improve.

It isn't everything, but it's a great place to start.


We'll go through the "Domain Authority" (DA) score, which is our best prediction for how a website will do in search engine results.

This market-leading statistic aggregates 40 signals into a single figure. Rated on a 100-point  scale.

The relevance of the links, the number of links, and the quality of the links all have an impact on this score.

Your optimum score is dictated by your immediate competition, although most successful Kenyan companies run between 25 and 50. If it's fewer than 30, you'll have a difficult time getting Google to take notice.


Google favors sites with a high number of earned (free) connections from high-authority sites. You may also purchase links, but they always include a "nofollow" tag, which informs Google that the link is not free.

While all Wikipedia links are free, they all carry a "nofollow" tag. Nofollow links are not useless; they just have a much lower value than earned links.

Based on the findings of our audit, we will develop a Backlinks plan. Because it involves the collaboration of other sites, this is typically the most time-consuming component of SEO.


The majority of a site's task is to ensure that it conveys to Google what you want it to say with the appropriate emphasis.

Each circumstance is unique, but it is critical to understand what Google perceives. In fact, Google is deafeningly deafening.

Because it cannot comprehend visuals, overlooks a lot of information that people take for granted. Its only capability is to analyze text and count words.


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